Christmas light displays for Cloverdale, Perth, WA, 6105

Address: 8 Pontiac Ave, Cloverdale m
Start Date: December 6
End Date: January 10 or after
Lights On: 7:00pm
Lights Off: 10:00pm
Approx No: 7,500-10,000
A fun and colourful display featuring too many Santa's to count!
With santa's of all sizes, this exciting display features moving inflatables, a children's nativity, laser light, gigantic Christmas trees and more.....
Donations to The Organ Donation and Transplant Foundation Of WA
Last Updated: 2016
Address: 159 Williamson Ave, Cloverdale m
Start Date: December 1
End Date: January 4
Lights On: 7:30pm
Lights Off: 10:30pm
Approx No: 20,000-30,000
Our display is a "white Christmas"theme. There are full sized Reindeer and Sleigh and also a Snowman straight from the Arctic kept company by a family of penguins! Santa is on the chimney, Christmas candles light the walls with Christmas trees all around and bells ring in the new year. All hand made for the joy of Christmas.
Last Updated: 2016