Christmas light displays for Morley, Perth, WA, 6062

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Address: 22 Marriot Way, Morley m
Start Date: November 27
End Date: December 27
Lights On: 7:30pm
Lights Off: 11:30pm
Approx No: Too many to count them all
23 years we have made our display, a must see, the longest running and most spectacular around, this year visitors enter past the wishing well and walk around the lights path, re entering the golden tunnel to the raffle tables under the tunnel to exit, another with a huge Xmas Tree with 20 x 1m Meteor lights cascading, and a 5m coloured electronic cascading Meteor light, 26m above the ground, Running up blue rope lights from the ground to 25m high above the house, this year spectacular is a 3m drop round table, changing 3 colours, with a 2m diamter rotating ball with on the top, A 2.5m Cherry Blossom tree, a 2.5m Weeping Willow tree, plus 2 x 3.5m Canadian Oak Xmas trees, , huge Water Fountain frothing with steam,, Santa's wishing well for any donations, Snow machine, Waterfall Cone shape tower, 4 jumping LED hoops, Low hoops, sheaths of wheat, long string of cotton light balls, and a spectacular net of moving words, and other items, The Reindeer moving their heads, don't forget the old Romantic days of Kissing under the hanging Mistletoe in the Archway, , come, and walk right in on the walk path, walk right through all the lights, 100000 lights, 3 huge Cocos Palms lit up with thousands of LED lights, along with the Palm tree's lit up, and garden full of colour, the boundary draped with 6m net lights, and Icicles, like a fence, We did in in the past over 8 years raise $62500 for the PMH Children's Hospital for sick Children, a special thankyou to the 1000's, of people who have supported us for 22 years, tell your friends to come see this spectacular display, nkyou., available are several $2 raffle tickets to win huge basket of Chocolates, A basket of Ladies Beauty Products, Basket of Xmas Cakes, Fruit mince pies, and other specials, , 28 Nov 14 - to 30th Dec 14,... MARRIOT WAY MORLEY

Last Updated: 2016
Address: 3 Hovea Court, Morley m
Start Date:
End Date:
Lights On: 7:00pm
Lights Off: 10:30pm
Approx No: 3,000-5,000
Come and see our 12 foot Santa and plenty of Christmas lights
Last Updated: 2012